El Alamein Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(El Alamein, Egypt)

Photo showing the War Cemetery in El AlameinAbout 100 km / 63 miles to the west of Alexandria lies the relatively unknown coastal town of El Alamein. Unless you are a history buff with a particular interest in WWII battle sites, or a rich Egyptian on holiday, there is presently little to attract the average traveller to this quiet part of northern Africa.

However, with the development of the remarkable Marina El Alamein seaside resort, this town's fortunes may be on the rise. Here are El Alamein's most important districts, neighbourhoods and locations.

Further picture of El Alamein's famous War Cemetery

Downtown El Alamein

In many ways, El Alamein resembles a wartime memorial park more than an Egyptian seaside resort town. The downtown district, which encompasses the majority of the town itself, is unremarkable except for the fact that this is where all of the hotels, restaurants and shopping options outside of the luxurious marina can be found.

Marina El Alamein

Among Egypt's most prestigious seaside resorts is the Marina, encompassing a 5,000 acre / 2000 hectare area of housing, recreation and entertainment Mecca located 6 km / 4 miles from downtown El Alamein. With an 11-km / 7-mile stretch of pearly white sand, blue waters and activities like golf, horseback riding and water sports, this is the highlight of the El Alamein area. Although it still remains popular mainly with wealthy Egyptians, the large forests, deep lakes and ruins from the Greek and Roman eras are attracting foreigners who have begun to discover this untapped gem.

Porto Marina

In the centre of the Marina Village lies Porto Marina, an exclusive area of Venetian-style canals, expensive boutique shops and lovely views over the neighbouring lake. Designed to become one of the hottest hotel and shopping destinations in the Middle East, El Alamein's Porto Marina is the place to spend your money and bask in the finest Egyptian luxury.

Sidi Abdel Rahman

Just 24 km / 15 miles to the west of downtown Al Alamein is the stunning beachside town of Sidi Abdel Rahman. With very little development to mar the virgin white beaches and crystal clear water, this area is one of the great undiscovered hideaways in Egypt. Only a few resorts have set up shop along the beach, and Bedouins live in the nearest village, adding some colour to the relaxed resort lifestyle.