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(El Alamein, Egypt)

Picture of people visiting the War CemeteryAn interesting coastal village located just over 100 km / 63 miles to the west of Alexandria, El Alamein is perhaps best known for being home to the important Allied Victory during the Second World War. During the many battles that took place around El Alamein in an attempt to gain control of the whole of North Africa, over 80,000 soldiers were either wounded or lost their lives here. As a result of this, El Alamein is home to an enormous cemetery, with in excess of 7,000 tombstones, together with nearby war memorials on the western side of the village.

Many visiting tourists arrive in El Alamein to pay their respects, often passing through on the way to a nearby beachfront resort. Whilst tourism is not a significant part of village life, the nearby resort of Sidi Abdel Rahman and the town of Marsa Matruh both offer crystal-clear turquoise waters and white, sandy stretches of beach.

Further photo of the War CemeteryEl Alamein's most visited and best tourist attractions include its stunning beaches - offering some of the finest sandy stretches in the whole of Egypt on the outskirts of the town; El Alamein Battlefield - a haunting desert landscape featuring many memorials and battle-related attractions; Marina El Alamein - a major tourist village known as one of Egypt's most outstanding beach resorts and full of waterfront attractions; War Cemetery - often referred to as the British Memorial and the resting place to more than 12,000 soldiers, together with impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea. More information about El Alamein Tourist Attractions.

Close-up photo of the cemetery archesThe main landmarks and monuments around the town of El Alamein include the Axis Army Advance Landmark - sited of the western outskirts of El Alamein; German War Memorial - an eye-catching octagonal structure remembering the battle's many fallen German soldiers; Italian Memorial - an impressive white marble tower complete with its own mosque, chapel and even a museum; El Alamein's Libyan War Memorial - a grand mosque surrounded by landscaped gardens; and the South African Memorial - marking the point where many South African soldiers once fought. More information about El Alamein Landmarks.

Whilst El Alamein is not known for its selection of museum and art galleries, several notable museums do exist and concentrate of providing information about the region and its rather famous past. The El Alamein War Museum is especially notable and offers a host of information about Egypt's part in the Second World War and contains a number of enormous tanks and five spacious exhibition halls. More information about El Alamein Museums.

View of nearby Marsa MatruhClose to El Alamein you will find many truly exceptional tourist attractions and some of the most famous sights in the whole of Egypt. Connected by either train or car, the Pyramids of Giza stands on the outskirts of Cairo and are known all over the world, while the beaches and coastal location of Alexandria is hard to beat. Further beaches can be found at Sidi Abdel Rahman, on the western side of El Alamein, while for Roman history and heritage, the town of Damanhur deserves some of your time. More information about El Alamein Attractions Nearby.

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