El Alamein Hotels and Accommodation

(El Alamein, Egypt)

View of the WWII siteThe area surrounding the coastal village of El Alamein offers a reasonable range of accommodation for visitors planning to stay in the area. For those on a budget and not wishing to stay in a hotel, it is even possible to camp on El Alamein's actual beachfront, although it is important to obtain a permit for this from the police, which are known locally as 'tasreeh'.

Where to Stay

Within the village itself, the Al-Amana Hotel is easy to find and is located directly opposite the War Museum. The hotel features its own cafe where you are able to get a hot snack and refreshments, and just a small number of guest rooms. Accommodation at the Al-Amana Hotel tends to be fairly basic and reasonably priced, often being used as a stopover for those heading to the beach resorts outside of El Alamein.

Further photo of the WWII siteMost people visiting the Commonwealth War Cemetery, on the eastern side of the town, tend to stay at the nearby El Alamein Hotel in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is located approximately 23 km / 14 miles to the west.

Around 12 km / 8 miles further west is the extremely noteworthy Mövenpick El Alamein Resort and Spa, which is a swanky modern development primarily targeting visiting holiday makers and tourists.