El Alamein Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(El Alamein, Egypt)

View through the central cemetery archwayEgyptian life is quite different to Western life and the locals in El Alamein will often find tourists something of an enigma.

It is polite not to dress in skimpy clothes, since Egyptians are uncomfortable at the sight of bare flesh in public.

El Alamein is a fairly peaceful part of the country and many people tend to pass through the village, on their way to neighbouring beaches.

The facilities here are rather basic and you should visit nearby Alexandria if you are looking for more comprehensive amenities and Internet cafes. Here are some helpful travel tips about life in El Alamein.

Useful Contact Details

Alexandria Tourist Office - Midan Saad Zaghloul, Alexandria, Egypt, EG
Tel: +20 03 485 1556
Open hours: daily - 08:30 to 18:00, hours during Ramadan - 09:00 to 16:00

Photo of city church

Visa Information

A trip to Egypt will mean that it is necessary to purchase a visa. When planning your visit to El Alamein, it is usually easiest to apply for a visa in advance, at the relevant consulate or Egyptian embassy either in your home country or abroad. Certain nationalities, including both foreigners from the USA and the UK, are able to obtain visas upon arrival at the airport, for a relatively small charge. The process usually takes no longer than 20 minutes, unless queues are excessive.

Language and Dialect

Arabic is the spoken language of Egyptians and whilst this is a difficult language to learn, the main phrases used in day-to-day life in and around El Alamein can soon be picked up. If you are keen to make an effort and attempt to converse to the locals, be sure to bring an Egyptian Arabic phrasebook, which will often prove invaluable.

Drinking Tap Water

Drinking tap water anywhere in Egypt is a bad idea, since it contains potentially harmful levels of bacteria. El Alamein is no exception to this and the side effects from drinking tap water here include sickness and diarrhoea. In you do unfortunately develop diarrhoea, please make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and consider taking antibiotics or similar if symptoms persist or begin to get worse.