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Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza are fantastic, but my visit was ruined by people who attempted to con many of the tourists there. I would avoid talking to anybody that you do not know.

The actual pyramids, however, were great. I decided to go in the winter as there are fewer people and it was not as hot as it is in the summer. I saw the pyramids along with the Sphinx, and I much preferred the pyramids, as the area around the Sphinx was busier making it difficult to view.
Posted on 21/2/2014 by Perry Spoons

It is best to visit the Sphinx in winter, as there are less crowds and the temperature is milder. I was thinking that it would be bigger than it was, but that may be because of the massive pyramids which are behind it. It is an amazing experience when you get there, and you should go there if you get the chance.
Posted on 6/11/2013 by James Bond

Cairo / Luxor Egypt
I lived and worked in the middle east in the mid 80s and enjoyed Cairo and its people while there. I visited on many occasions during the 7 months that I spent there. I returned in August 2010 and am sorry to say that the place has deteriorated to the point that I would never go back or recommend it to anyone else.

It was always a little dirty and dusty, but now it is just plain filthy. I was disgusted with the people and their greed and bad manners. The corruption of the government agencies with rip offs everywhere you go, and charges to do anything.
There was not one place we could go without hustling, hassling, and lies to gain money. The urban spread into Giza is disgusting as is the rubbish around the streets, the railways, the pyramids and other areas of the city. They dont care about anyone that is not an arab or a muslim. Rude and obnoxious. I only met two genuine locals during the week that I stayed and they also complained about the way things were going.

I would like to have been more positive but unfortunately my latest experience makes that impossible. They've spoilt it by trying to capitalize on just about everthing.
Posted on 13/9/2010 by Charles

The Giza Pyramids - another must see in Cairo
You can't come to Cairo without going to Giza to see the pyramids, I mean you just can't, can you? They are awesome and when I first set eyes on them I kept asking myself - 'How on earth did they manage that then?' They are so perfect in shape, and made of such enormous stones. We ended our day watching a laser show by the Sphinx's gate, which was really unexpected and quite excellent. We had a drink in a nearby cafe and watched it for free - brilliant.
Posted on 21/05/2007 by Gale Harkness

When visiting the Egyptian Museum...
I would just like to say how much we enjoyed our visit to the Egyptian Museum during our honeymoon in Cairo. It is very easy to find and is pink in colour, being situated opposite the Nile Hilton Hotel, very near to the Tahrir Square. If you are not intending to take part in a guided tour of the museum (not necessary in my opinion), then I would very much recommend coming in the afternoon, when it is much quieter. It is worth paying extra to see the Egyptian mummies. You can't take photos inside and you will be asked to hand over your camera, which is locked away for safety - bit of a shame that.
Posted on 17/01/2007 by Prosser Family

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