Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Cairo

(Cairo, Egypt)

Cairo Image of the great SphinxCairo, the largest city in Africa, is the gateway to Egypt's ancient glories and is visited by millions of tourists every year. The city is a recent addition to destinations worldwide offering medical tourism combined with recuperation vacations as an affordable way to deal with health problems which require surgery.

Cosmetic surgery in Cairo, dental work - such as implants, major surgery and other treatments are becoming popular options here, with prices far lower than in the UK and the US. This allows medical tourists to enjoy a cultural or chill-out holiday and receive their selected treatment at the same price as the treatment alone in their home country. Of note, the Egyptian Medical Tourism Summit took place here in 2010, confirming Cairo's determination to excel in the field.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

Cairo's warm, dry climate aids relaxation and recuperation. The Egyptian government and leading surgical organisations are determined to establish reliable and reputable medical tourism in the country, particularly as Egypt's ancient civilisation was advanced in its medical technology and invented the concept of holistic wellness. This long heritage is expressed in its modern-day medical care.

As well as excellent medical and surgical facilities, Cairo's visitor infrastructure ensures that those here for treatment enjoy comfortable, upscale accommodation combined with good dining and shopping opportunities. Sightseeing, of course, with the tombs of the Egyptian kings and the pyramids nearby, is a fascinating experience, and a boat trip along the River Nile is a relaxing treat.

Medical Procedures

Apart from dental surgery and cosmetic surgery, Cairo hospitals offer a wide range of reliable surgical services and other treatments, from cardiovascular procedures and organ transplantation to gender reassignment, laser eye surgery, spinal surgery, oncology, neurosurgery and much more.

Holistic treatments include homeopathy, herbal treatments, naturopathy, holistic healing, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Yoga, mediation and weight loss programmes are also offered. Private hospitals in Cairo utilise ultra-modern equipment and the latest techniques, carried out by expert surgeons with qualifications often from well-known European, UK and US hospitals and universities.


Facilities at the city's private hospitals easily rival those in Western countries, with ultra-modern technology and highly-trained staff, private rooms equipped with all facilities and 'a la carte' menus to tempt those in recuperation.

The Ain Shams University Hospital's cardiac unit and the Cairo Centre specialise in heart surgery, as do the Heliopolis Heart Centre and the Dar el Fouad Heart Clinic, while the state-of-the-art Abul el Reesh Hospital is highly regarded for its paediatric care and the Tumor Institute for its oncology treatments.

Cosmetic surgery in Cairo costs at least 60 percent less than in the West, with the Cairo Plastics Clinic being something of a leader in its field in a city which is the Egyptian equivalent of Hollywood.