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Quiet Town, Friendly Atmosphere
Bar Harbor is surprisingly cool in the evenings, so take a coat out with you at night. There are plenty of places to just walk around and window shop or go into for a drink and dinner. You won't meet too many people here of you're on your own - mostly couples and families.
Posted on 10/6/2011 by B. Jordan

Re. Literally Harborside
We wanted to stay there, but was worried it would be too expensive. Looks beautiful though.
Posted on 28/3/2011 by Liam Cunningham

Literally Harborside
I stayed at the Harborside Hotel. I was very lucky because all of he rooms had a harbor view and it was very nice. They also have the tennis courts and swimming pool. I was in town for a more than a week so the exercise facilities were useful.
Posted on 22/3/2011 by Jean Duval

Nice Outdoors Activities in a Rich Environment
The biking and kayaking are very good!
Posted on 29/1/2011 by Dexter Prince

Rustic Hideaway
Very rustic, but the perfect place for a quiet stay for two. It is remote, but close to the water area and mountains to go biking or walking. We thought the people working there were very nice. They always try to make sure we have everything.
Posted on 17/3/2010 by Remo Fiore

Super Food Here and There
There is a nice food place just off the highway. We had to rent the car to get there - cannot walk from the hotel. It was Mother's Kitchen - very American food and the pies are the best! We also liked Portside Grill at night when we want seafood and good atmosphere for to be social.
Posted on 26/1/2008 by Caroline Devein