Bar Harbor Hotels and Accommodation

(Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine - ME, USA)

Picture of popular hotel, overlooking the coastMany tourists who arrive in Maine to spend time exploring the Acadia National Park tend to favor the hotels and similar accommodation offered within Bar Harbor, simply for its sheer convenience. Of all the towns and villages on Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor remains amongst the most noteworthy, and offers one of the best selection of hotels and lodging that you are likely to find.

The popularity of the town is due partly to its scenic coastal situation, alongside Frenchman Bay, and also is close proximity to the Acadia National Park, which is literally just minutes away from hotels. Bar Harbor accommodation is available year round, whether you choose to come here in the summer to enjoy the endless hiking trails, or in the winter for its legendary whale watching opportunities.

Further photo of beachfront hotel

Where to Stay

Where to stay in Bar Harbor really depends upon your budget and the time of year you arrive, since hotels tend to be at their most expensive during the busy summer season.

If you are looking for budget accommodation during the summer, then the Bar Harbor Youth Hostel on Kennebec Street is a good option and opens just for a short period each year, between June and August.

Image of central lodgingAlso a popular alternative to more expensive hotels, and open from April until the very end of summer, is the Mount Desert Island YMCA on Mount Desert Street.

Plenty of mid-range accommodation in Bar Harbor is also located on Mount Desert Street and the most popular of these include the historic Acadia Hotel, the Anchorage Motel, the Stratford House Inn, and also the Colonian-style Ledgelawn Inn. Holland Avenue, Main Street and West Street are also good place to look for lodging.