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Winter 2012-13
Last week there were two inches of snow on the ground where we live on the western outskirts of Tucson. It has been rather cold too. One night it went down to 19 deg F. And there have been 10 nights of sub freezing temps. The winds have gusted to 35 MPH and the PGA Match Play golf tournament had to be postponed one day on account of bad weather. As new snowbirds, we are a bit disappointed.
Posted on 25/2/2013 by J C Reynolds

Great time spent at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is located a few km to the southwest, but easy to get to. This is a wildlife museum and really a bit like a very naturalistic zoo, because it had a lot of creatures, like scorpions, mountain lions and prarie dogs. This is one of the most popular attractions in Tuscan and is now over 50 years old. There is a botanical garden and a couple of gift shops were thhe missus bought a nice necklace. There were also a couple of restaurants and it is open all year. We ere just two of the half a million people that visit it each year - it really is quite popular.
Posted on 19/11/2007 by Mary Perkins

What planet did the Tucson Biosphere 2 come from?!
Take a tour of the spage age Biosphere 2, a fully enclosed eco-system environment centre thing. When it was first built, a small group of people actually lived here for a full two years without every coming outside. Inside there is a rainforest, an artificial ocean, a mangrove, desert with giant cacti and grassland. It was a bit like the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. It is currently being managed by the University of Arizona.
Posted on 14/4/2007 by Diane Ellister

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