Trujillo Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru)

Picture of Huanchaco Beach and its caballitos de totoraWith its strong colonial past and stunning coastal situation, the tourist attractions around Trujillo are certainly varied, ranging from sandy beaches and surfing, to archaeological sites and historic mansions. Located on the northerly outskirts of Trujillo, the El Brujo Archaeological Complex is a very ancient attraction, being part of the Moche culture.

As you stroll around Trujillo you will be greeted by the sight of numerous historic mansions and manor houses. These quality attractions give the city bags of character and many are open to visiting tourists, proudly showing off their wealth of antiquities and vibrant interiors, which are often very different to their more low-key Baroque facades and Rococo decorations.

Further photo of Huanchaco Beach and its traditional reed boats

Huanchaco Beach / Surfing

Address: Huanchaco, Peru, PE
Huanchaco Beach is famous around the world for its exceptional surfing conditions and this lively summer resort can be found just to the north of Trujillo. There are many wonderful beach-related attractions around Huanchaco Beach attracting huge numbers of beachgoers every year, such as soft sand, endless coastal views, beachfront restaurants serving seafood 'ceviche', and piles of traditional reed canoe-like boats, known as 'caballitos de totora'. The Chan Chan ruins are conveniently close to Huanchaco.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free

Central view, showing prominent statue

Guided Tours

Address: Trujillo Tours, Almagro 301, Trujillo, Peru, PE
Tel: +51 044 233 091
Address: Guia Tours, Independencia 580, Trujillo, Peru, PE
Tel: +51 044 245 170
Guided tours of the city offer the very best way to learn all about the region's main sights, historical attractions and most important buildings. There are literally dozens of different tour agencies spread around the city centre, each vying for your business. Most are able to supply English-speaking guides, although their knowledge of the actual area can vary somewhat. Highly recommended are both Trujillo Tours and also Guia Tours, both of which organise a series of excellent city tours and also a number of popular excursions, taking sightseers to locations such as Chan Chan, Huanchaco and also Huacas del Sol y de la Luna. Personal guides can usually be arranged at the iPeru tourism bureau.
Open hours: seasonal variations
Admission: charge

Central view, showing magnificent city architecture

Old Mansions / Colonial Centre

Address: Trujillo, Peru, PE
The Casa Ganoza Chopitea (House of Ganoza Chopitea) is one particularly notable colonial building and now serves as the official offices for the Policia de Tourismo (Tourist Police), often being better known as the Casa de los Leones (House of the Lions), as the entrance is crowned by a pair of stone lions. Other important mansions in Trujillo include the very impressive Casa Mayorazgo (House of Mayorazgo) and also a house located on the Plaza de Armas, where famous Peruvian leader Simon Bolivar once lived.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free

Image taken at the El Brujo (Brujo Archaeological Complex)

El Brujo (Brujo Archaeological Complex)

Address: La Libertad, Trujillo, Peru, PE
El Brujo is known to date as far back as the year 100 BC and these ruins clearly show the remains of a large, stepped pyramid, a spacious central court, mural ornamentation and clay plaster with detailed polychrome relief work. It is widely acclaimed at the Brujo Archaeological Complex is the most important Moche Site within the whole of the Chicama Valley, with most people knowing it simply as 'El Brujo'.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free