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(Chimbote, Ancash, Peru)

Photo of the Malecon coastal promenadeAlthough Chimbote may well be home to the biggest fishing port in the whole of Peru, with countless fish factories, this city does have some tourism appeal and plenty of affordable hotels, being a good place to stop off for those headed southwards to Lima. Chimbote lies on Peru's northerly coastline and tourists will appreciate its natural harbours, coastal walks and plentiful beaches.

It is the beaches around Chimbote that draw the summer crowds, with the Playa Caleta Colorada, the Playa El Dorado and the Playa Vesique all being extremely popular. Not only are the city's beaches perfect for topping up your tan, but most lend themselves to swimming and also surfing. Tourist information in Chimbote is relatively scarce, and so you are best coming prepared, rather than relying upon your hotel to provide you with a sightseeing itinerary.

Picture of beautiful local cathedral

Chimbote Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

The coastline of Chimbote tends to be where the city's main tourist attractions reside, namely the sandy beaches. Many visitors enjoy walking along the Isla Blanca Boulevard and this is always a friendly place to hang out, being known for its marble sculptures and flamboyant fountains. On the outskirts of Chimbote, the natural bays of the Samanco and El Ferrol are a good place to get up close to some native Peruvian wildlife and also offer endless views, which are regularly photographed by many a holidaymaker. More information about Chimbote Tourist Attractions.

Coastal viewThere is just no getting away from the numerous natural landmarks that surround the city of Chimbote and in particular, the Mountain of Youth (Cerro de la Juventud) is where many visitors head. Those with enough energy to climb to the very top of the Cerro de la Juventud will be greeted by panoramic views of the bay and the Chimbote cityscape. Located in the El Ferrol bay, the White Island (Isla Blanca) may be a little stark, but is always popular and many pleasure cruises come to this small island on a daily basis. More information about Chimbote Landmarks and Monuments.

Being sited just beneath Trujillo, tourists often stop off at Chimbote on their way to Lima, with buses being readily available. Trujillo is especially close and lies to the north, and if you haven't experienced the colonial architecture of this enchanting city first hand, then a day trip is recommended. Other possible excursions around Chimbote include the ancient Temple of Paramonga at Barranca, the port city of Callao, the beach resort of Tortugas, and the mountain trekking and outdoor activities at Huaraz. A little further away and to the north, the museums of Chiclayo are really unmissable, with the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum (Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan) being a real highlight. More information about Chimbote Attractions Nearby.

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