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Under the boardwalk
We stayed at the Hotel Chimu on Plaza 28 de Julio, which was thankfully near the boardwalk. As is the case with most coastal towns, this is where the majority of action is whether you're looking for food and drink or somewhere to shop.
Posted on 12/9/2011 by Roger Pertwing

Up in arms
I was never a Spanish student, but I believe that Plaza de Armas, my favourite attraction in Chimbote, Peru, stands for 'The Palace of Arms' in Spanish. Anyhow, after taking a look around inside and on the grounds, you would definitely believe that translation to be accurate as there is plenty of weaponry and other interesting items.
Posted on 14/10/2010 by Victor Spencer

Re. Along the highway
I think it is great that you decided to do some exploring during your time here. There's not just Canon del Pato along the Panamerican Highway though, as you can also visit places such as Caraz, Turismo Huaraz, Casma, and the Callan Pass.
Posted on 15/3/2009 by Blake Eddley

Along the highway
We rented a car for our time in Chimbote and didn't regret venturing along the Panamerican Highway as we found plenty of things to do, such as visiting the Canon del Pato. Although a little out of the way if you wish to stay close to your hotel, Canon del Pato was definitely worth the time it took us to get there and back.
Posted on 1/3/2009 by Betty Wainthrop

Chimbote's beaches
There are plenty of them in Chimbote with it being a coastal town. It is a shame I can't remember the names of any particular ones, but let me say that they are all relatively safe and clean while also being easy to get to. Enjoy!
Posted on 12/1/2008 by Erin Walker