Chimbote Restaurants and Dining

(Chimbote, Ancash, Peru)

Plaza viewAs the biggest fishing port in the whole of the country of Peru, it will come as no surprise to visitors that Chimbote's restaurants tend to specialise in seafood. Dining venues and eateries throughout Chimbote serve fish in all kinds of different ways, such as 'al ajo' (with garlic), 'frito' (fried) or 'la chorrillana' (with white wine, garlic and tomatoes).

As well as the plentiful seafood and fish-based dishes, restaurants in Chimbote and throughout the Ancash region of Peru also serve guinea pigs in various guises, including 'Huaracino picante de cuy' (spicy roasted) and 'jaca-chasqui' (guinea pig soup).

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What to Eat

Other popular dishes to be found on restaurant menus in Chimbote are as follows:

When dining out in Chimbote, various fruit punches will likely be available to accompany your meal, often being seasonal. Alternatively, try the fruit juices, the 'chicha morada' beverage or the bright yellow Inca Kola.