Ocho Rios Hotels and Accommodation

(Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Middlesex, Jamaica)

Picture of local waterfront accommodationAccommodation in Ocho Rios is all about the all-inclusive resort type of hotel. This style of lodging is firmly in the luxury category, receiving mostly cruise ship arrivals and also those looking for something other than Montego Bay. As a consequence, most hotels and resorts here are upmarket and expensive, although a few basic guest houses are available.

It is almost impossible to find cheap lodging in Ocho Rios, and even if you do, this is not the place to be for those on a budget. The whole concept of the all-inclusive having everything to hand - accommodation, food, drink, shops and a beach, is also one of safety, with Jamaica being particularly renowned for crime.

Image showing hotel resort and outdoor swimming pool in Ocho Rios

Where to Stay

There are more all-inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios than anywhere else in the country, per head. Many of the original hotels and inns in Ocho Rios have now been bought-up and turned into quality resort hotels, being located at the beach, in the town centre and also nearby.

All-inclusive generally provides meals and entertainment (sometimes drink) in with the lodging, and often a stretch of private beach is included as well. While expensive and somewhat sterile, this type of accommodation offers everything, including peace of mind, suiting those who are not all that concerned with getting out and about during their holiday.

Photo of waterfront hotel in Ocho RiosPopular top-end accommodation in Ocho Rios comes in the form of the Jamaica Inn on Main Street - known for its old-world charm, the swanky Sand Castles Resort, the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort and the Fisherman's Point Hotel.

Small, family run guest houses are very few and far between in Ocho Rios, and when you do find one, it is invariably out in the sticks in not the most savoury part of town.