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Edinburgh Festival / Tattoo
If you come here in August, expect it to be busy. You'll be extremely lucky if you find a room, because everywhere is booked completely solid. That's because the whole month is devoted to the Edinburgh Festival, which include the Military Tattoo, the Fringe Festival, carnivals, fairgrounds, street parties and more. A busy time, but fun. An experience I will always treasure dearly. I had some good friends during my time there.
Posted on 22/11/2007 by Phoebe Dawning

Arthur's Seat in the heart of Edinburgh - a volcano?!
Arthur's Seat is the biggest peak and part of a group of hills around Edinburgh. It was created by a volcano, which is now completely extinct. We took a picnic and climbed up this unique hill. I can't imagine being able to climb up any other hill, right in the middle of such a big, busy city. Wow - great views, and a bit of exercise thrown in for good measures.
Posted on 7/8/2007 by Sammy Jo

The castle and its history
Edinburgh Castle is wonderful and has something like 1000 years worth of history attached to it. It stands on a massive volcano - don't worry though, it's completely extinct these days. Around one million people come here every year and well, that many people, they just can't be wrong can they? We were here for a couple of hours, and that was about long enough for us. It is near the Royal Mile, easy to find, very hard not to see it really!
Posted on 15/12/2006 by Daryl Hill

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