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The Porto Wine Caves
When we recently came to Porto when thought it would be a good idea to visit the wine caves in Vila Nova de Gaia. There were acrually quite a few different caves to choose from and some were free, although the best ones generally had a small admission charge. We sampled the wine and followed a tour guide who was speaking in several different languages, so that was good. It is a good opportunity to learn more about how port wine is made and so historical facts about the Douro Valley. Wrap up though, the caves are cold.
Posted on 22/9/2007 by Jan Thatcher

The cathedral in Porto is located next to the main square and close to the Vimara Avenue. I always find that the best way to get a real taste for a new city is to explore it first on foot and I did just that in Porto. The cathedral really stood out for me and is next to the Douro River - great views from over the wall. I paid a small charge and had a look around, which was pleasant enough, but I enjoyed my walk as much as anything that day.
Posted on 16/5/2007 by Fiona Morfill

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