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Along the long, long Piotrkowska Road
This really is a massive road and is a major part of Lodz. The Piotrkowska Road stretches for around three miles and in the summer, lots of people walk the entire length - a nice budget sightseeing tour. You'll probably find yourself stopping of at shops and cafes on the way, which breaks it up nicely.
Posted on 21/12/2007 by Jarod Mottel

Don't miss out on the Museum of the City
I would recommend visiting the Museum of the City. It is very near to the Plac Wolnosci and has an interesting section dedicated to the famous Polish pianist Arthur Rubinstein, who was actually born in the city.
Posted on 14/9/2007 by Tanner Bodeley

Lodz: Fairytale Goluchow Castle
This castle really does have a magical fairytale appearance. It was built at the turn of the 16th century and remodelled in a big way some one hundred years later. There is a good museum, but for me, it was a landscaped gardens that did it. They were lovely.
Posted on 6/7/2007 by Nolan James

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