Lodz Restaurants and Dining

(Lodz, Western Mazovia, Poland)

Picture of central shops and eateriesFood and dining out has long been an integral part of Polish culture and the restaurants in Lodz certainly won't disappoint. Many of the eateries and restaurants in Lodz are housed within historical 19th-century buildings and based around central squares and along busy streets, so there are often pleasant views and people watching to enjoy as you tuck in to your meal.

If you are wishing to sample Polish cuisine, then there are plenty of restaurants in Lodz that specialise in this and serve a wide variety of traditional dishes. These often include 'barszcz' (beetroot soup), 'bigos' (sauerkraut and meat) and 'pierogi' (dumplings). However, if you simply fancy a pizza, kebab, salad or Indian curry, then you won't usually have to look far until you find a suitable dining venue to satisfy your palate.

Further photo of the city centre

Where to Eat

The first place to look for restaurants and similar dining options in Lodz is along the lengthy stretch that is the Ulica Piotrkowska (Piotrkowska Street). Close by, there are also clusters of eateries to be found along the Ulica Wólczanska and the Ulica Traugutta, where the Karczma U Chochola is an especially good family Polish-style restaurant in this part of Lodz and serves authentic farmhouse-style meals, such as roast pork.

Notable restaurants and popular eateries worth looking out for in central Lodz and in particular along the Ulica Piotrkowska include the Restauracja Krokodyl, the Greenway vegetarian cafe-bar, the Hort-Café and the rather fun Restauracja Sphinx. This unusual dining chain of Egyptian-themed restaurants actually originated right here in Lodz and serves a mixture of Middle Eastern and Polish fast food, and can now be found all across Poland.