Lodz Hotels and Accommodation

(Lodz, Western Mazovia, Poland)

Picture of central shops and hotelsThe hotels in the city of Lodz tend to differ from those in other large cities within Poland, since much of the accommodation categorised as luxury is really more comparable to mid-range lodging in Polish cities such as Warsaw. Similarly, a large proportion of mid-range accommodation options in Lodz are really more like budget hotels, so do shop around carefully when booking ahead.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a hotel once you arrive in Lodz, do consider inspecting the hotel room and available facilities before deciding whether or not to stay. Generally, a fairly low number of tourists tend to visit Lodz when compared to business travellers, and therefore the city's hotels target the lucrative business market, especially during busy trade fairs. The direct result of this is that a large proportion of the hotels are basic, soulless and lack any real character, being simply functional.

Photo of modern hotel block

Where to Stay

The Ulica Piotrkowska is always a good place to look for accommodation and lodging in central Lodz, where a high concentration of hotels reside, being conveniently close to restaurants, shops and attractions.

Those on a tight budget should consider staying at the Youth Hostel Legionów on the Ulica Legionów, or at the Youth Hostel Zamenhofa on the Ulica Zamenhofa.

A good standard of mid-range hotels in Lodz reside on the Ulica Tatrzanska, Ulica Traugutta, Ulica Wigury, Ulica Narutowicza, which is conveniently close to the Ulica Piotrkowska and both the train and bus stations. Extremely cheap and rather basic is the city-run Hotel Urzedu Miasta on the Ulica Bojowników Getta Warszawskiego, although the actual location off the Plac Wolnosci is very central.

At the other end of the market and offering true luxury accommodation is the Hotel Grand on the Ulica Piotrkowska, and to a lesser extent, the Hotel Savoy on the Ulica Traugutta.