Krakow Shopping and Districts

(Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland)

Photo of shops around central squareThe shopping in Old Town Krakow offers tourists the chance to purchase a huge array of Polish gifts and souvenirs. Many people choose to purchase some of Krakow's truly exceptional crystal glassware, although with so much available and often large price differences, you may like to shop around a little first before you decide what to buy.

The shopping scene in Krakow also features a series of leading department stores, where it is often possible to purchase some of Poland's highly acclaimed Krosno glassware, along with books, ceramics, clothing, jewellery and paintings. Sadly, due to the influx of more Western-style shops, the local Polish arts and crafts stores are slowly declining in numbers, although they have by no means disappeared.

Picture of the historical Cloth Hall

When to Shop and Opening Hours

Shops in Krakow are open as shown below:

Photo of local mall

Where to Shop

The finest shopping in Krakow is to be found around the Old Town district and the medieval Main Market Square (Rynek Glówny) is a good place to find some of the best in Polish goods. The historic Sukiennice shopping complex and the nearby arcaded Cloth Hall are quite simply not to be missed and contain literally dozens of small shops selling quality souvenirs. These include elaborate wooden chess sets, jewellery prominently featuring amber, embroidered items, many leather goods, and an endless choice of Krakow-inspired T-shirts.

Of particular interest to tourists in Old Town Krakow, a number of local artists sell their wares next to the historic Town Walls, along Ulica Florianska, and although the quality can vary, the prices are usually low. For fashion shopping, many boutiques are emerging in this area and also an increasing number along the Ulica Szewska.

Head to the Ulica Grzegorzecka on a Sunday morning for the weekly antiques market, or to the Plac Nowy Kazimierz for Krakow's famous flea market. For fruit and veg, the daily Stary Kleparz market at the Rynek Kleparski is extremely historic and dates back over 500 years.