Krakow Museums

(Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland)

Picture of the Muzeum Historyczne Krakowa (Historical Museum of Krakow)There are quite literally museums for everyone in Krakow, and then some. Here you can enjoy museums specialising in ancient Polish archaeology, the history of aviation, and even fossils and skeletons of extinct animals, such as the 'sea cow' skull at the popular Zoological Museum.

Even if you only have a slight interest in the Krakow of yesteryear, then a visit to the Historical Museum of Krakow is a must. Located in the Stare Miasto (Old Town) and actually within the grand Krzysztofory Palace, this attraction is known for its elaborate ceiling frescos from the 1700s, traditional Polish costumes, old maps, important documents and portraits of notable Krakow residents. Also of interest are the Polish folk artefacts at the Ethnographical Museum, coins and medals at the Museum of Emeryk Czapski, and Royal regalia and valuable weaponry exhibits from the Battle of Vienna, displayed at the city's Treasury and Armoury.

Picture of the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Aviation Museum)

Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Aviation Museum)

Address: Aleja Jana Pawla II 39, Krakow, PL-30-969, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 642 8700

Archaeological Museum

Address: Ulica Senacka 3, Krakow, PL-31002, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 422 7560

Cricoteka Gallery / Tadeusz Kantor Theatre Museum

Address: Ulica Kanonicza 5, Krakow, PL-31002, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 421 422 8332

Ethnographical Museum

Address: Plac Wolnica 1, Krakow, PL-31160, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 430 5563

Muzeum Historyczne Krakowa (Historical Museum of Krakow)

Address: Rynek Glówny 35, Krakow, PL-31011, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 422 9922

Image showing the Museum of Emeryk Czapski

Museum of Emeryk Czapski

Address: Ulica Pilsudskiego 10-12, Krakow, PL-31109, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 422 2733

Museum of Pharmacy

Address: Ulica Florianska 25, Krakow, PL-31019, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 12 421 9279

Museum of the History of Photography

Address: Ulica Jozefitow 16, Krakow, PL-30-045, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 634 5932

Muzeum Archidiecezjalne (Archidiocesian Museum)

Address: Ulica Kanonicza 19, Krakow, PL-31002, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 421 8963

Photo of the Museum of Stanislaw Wyspianski

Museum of Stanislaw Wyspianski

Address: Szczepanska 11, Krakow, PL-31002, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 292 8183

Muzeum Izynierii Miejskiej (Engineering Museum)

Address: Ulica Sw Wawrzynca 15, Krakow, PL-31060, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 421 1242

Wawel Treasury and Armoury

Address: Wawel 5, Krakow, PL-31001, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 422 5155

Zoological Museum

Address: Ulica Ingardena 6, Krakow, PL-30-060, Poland, PL