Krakow Restaurants and Dining

(Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland)

Picture showing cafes on the Market SquareWhen compared to other Polish cities, Krakow really is a gourmet's paradise and the city's historical Old Town area (Stare Miasto) is crammed with excellent dining venues and gastronomic delights. Eating out at one of the many restaurants in Krakow need not leave a hole in your wallet and all budgets are more than catered for.

The cuisine currently on offer in Krakow features strong European influences, although authentic Polish fare is in good supply. Numerous restaurants in Krakow still specialise in Polish cuisine and typically features three-course lunches, which often start with soup, such as beetroot soup (barszcz), clear chicken broth (rosol), duck blood soup (czernina) or soured rye soup (zurek).

Further photo of the Market Square

What to Eat

When dining out at one of Krakow's Polish restaurants, the following dishes are often to be found on the menu:

Picture of al fresco dining on the Market Square

Where to Eat

Plenty of budget restaurants are spread around Krakow. Known in Poland as 'jadlodajnias', these charming eateries usually serve home-cooked Polish fare at extremely low prices. However, if fast-food restaurants are more your thing, then head to the Ul Grodzka, where countless milk bars (Bar Mleczny) are also present.

Rather more upscale dining venues line the many streets emanating outwards from the main town square and throughout the Stare Miasto district, although you will need to look out for tourist traps, serving overpriced food. Reliable restaurants can be found along the Ulica Bracka, Ulica Florianska, Ulica Poselska, Ulica Slawkowska and Ulica Szpitalna, close to the Barbakan. Further away from central Krakow, a trip to Kazimierz is well worth the walk and many small restaurants and similar eateries are based here, serving up tasty Jewish cuisine and simple dishes.