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Cloth Hall in Krakow
The Sukiennice is the historic Cloth Hall and is it on the Market Square. It is one of the prettiest buildings in the city and has a long, long history. It was rebuilt in the 16th century after fire damage and then remodelled once more in the 1870s. I came here and bought some nice Polish jewellery and some rather tasky souvenirs. Don't overlook the gallery of Polish paintings from the 19th century.
Posted on 4/2/2008 by Murray Tomms

Regal Wawel Castle
This is what they call the Royal Castle because it is where Poland's kings used to live. It is not hard to find and is one the Wawel Hill. There are some really good views of Krakow and the River Vistula. We explored the hill and castle at a very leisurely pace and were here most of the day - I couldn't believe where the time had gone!
Posted on 16/12/2007 by Richard Addison

History around Bracka Street
This charming street is famous as it is mentioned in a song by Grzegorz Turnau. It leads on to the Market Square and also to the All Saints Square. Lots of summer events are held here.
Posted on 22/8/2007 by Kevin Udell

Krakow and the Barbican
Regarded as one of the best preserved military structures in the whole of Europe, the Barbican may be of interest to you and dates from the end of the 15th century. It is close to the Florian Gate, so you can tie your sightseeing in with that as well. The Barbican was built to defend Krakow and ultimately Poland from a possible invasion from Turkey.
Posted on 21/5/2007 by Anthony

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