Krakow Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland)

Picture of Krakow city centreToday, life in Krakow is almost unrecognisable to the life just a few decades ago and the city is enjoying a thriving tourism trade. Visitors should look out for the free magazines - 'The Visitors - Krakow and Zakoplane', and also 'Welcome to Craków', both of which can be picked up at tourist offices and also at a number of local travel agencies, and provide an overview of the city and its main sights.

Other find that also purchasing the inexpensive booklet 'Krakow in your Pocket' from tourist offices proves invaluable during your stay and becomes a handy source of much practical information. These offices are good places to purchase a Krakow Card, which provides free travel on all public transport and also free entry to many attractions, although the savings will really only be worthwhile if you intend to sightsee all day long.

Aerial view of the city centre

Useful Contact Details

Tourism is truly booming in Krakow, with the city actively promoting itself as one of the 'European Cities of Culture'. Tourist information comes in the form of offices operated by the Krakow 2000 Festival Bureau, which was formed in 1997 and provides a range of leaflets and free city maps.

Krakow 2000 (City Tourist Information Centre and Festival Bureau)
Address: Ulica Sw. Krzyza, Krakow, PL-31028, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 421 8693
Fax: +48 012 421 1381
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 18:00

Krakow 2000 (Culture Information Centre - CIK)
Address: Ulica Sw. Jana 2, Krakow, PL-31018, Poland, PL
Tel: +48 012 421 7787
Fax: +48 012 421 7731
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 18:00

Photo of the Cloth Hall

Language and Dialect

The official language of Krakow and throughout Poland is of course Polish, although a small number of Poles do also speak a level of English, especially the younger generation who are a part of the city's business and tourist industry.

Polish is termed a West Slavic language and many basic phrases are generally quite to pick up and make your stay in Krakow all the more enjoyable. Some useful Polish phrases include:

Dos and Don'ts / Tourist Traps