Attractions Nearby Krakow, Day Trips and Excursions

(Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland)

Photo of the Wawel district and River VistulaWell placed for day trips around southern Poland, Krakow is conveniently close to many neighbouring attractions and places of interest. A host of historic castles and fortresses are just a relatively short drive from Krakow, such as the attractions of Babice Castle (Zamek w Babicach), Barwald Górny Castle (Zamek w Barwaldzie) and Niepolomice Castle (Zamek w Niepolomicach).

Known throughout Poland for its historic salt mine, which first began operating in 1248, the town of Bochnia lies directly east of Krakow and is around 40 km / 25 miles away. Other popular excursions and close-by attractions include the towns of Dobczyce and Wieliczka, the villages of Ojcow and Rudno, and Wolski Forest, where many recreational activities await visitors.

Picture of Bochnia


A wealth of attractions in Bochnia are based around its salt mine, which remains as Europe's oldest salt mine and is nothing short of an 'underground town'. Bochnia has grown up around the River Raba and is amongst the most historic cities within the Lesser Poland area. The main square is surrounded by interesting buildings and overlooked by the St. Nicholas Basilica.


At around 30 km / 19 miles to the south of central Krakow, the town of Dobczyce makes for a popular day trip. Dobczyce is based around the River Raba and its main attractions include the historic remains of the Royal Castle, which has been restored to some extent and is where most tourists choose to head first. The Royal Castle boasts some rather impressive defensive walls and also offers a number of excellent vantage points, which overlook the neighbouring valley and beyond.

Image of Las Wolski (Wolski Forest / Forest of Wola)

Las Wolski (Wolski Forest / Forest of Wola)

Just a relatively short distance from central Krakow and filled with Polish flora and fauna, the Wolski Forest is a simply vast space and encompasses some 1,235 acres / 500 hectares in total. There are endless attractions within the Wolski Forest, which include walking trails, picnicking areas, a small zoo, the imposing Pilsudski Mound Fortress, and the Maiden's Cliff, which comprises a series of rocky ravines and chalky outcrops, and features in a legendary tale concerning nuns and Tartars.
Open hours: daily, April to October - 09:00 to 19:00; November to March - 09:00 to 17:00
Admission: free

View of Ojcow


The village of Ojcow is only some 25 km / 16 miles from Krakow and has become one of the city's most popular destinations for a day trip. There are many attractions within the Ojcow area, such as the Ojcow National Park (Ojcowski Park Narodowy), which at just 21 square kilometres / 8 square miles is actually Poland's smallest national park. However, despite its size, the Ojcow National Park is extremely diverse and contains no less than two castles (Ojcow Castle and Pieskowa Skala), impressive rock formations and a variety of interesting caves, such as the Lokietek Cave (Jaskinia Lokietka). The majority of the main attractions within the Ojcow National Park line the banks of the Pradnik River and the adjacent road, which runs through the very heart of the park.

Photo of Rudno


A charming village some 40 km / 25 miles west of Krakow, Rudno is famous for being home to the ruined Tenczyn Castle. This ancient castle was constructed during the early part of the 14th century, when it was famed for its striking Gothic-style architecture and ornate stonework, and today dominates the area, standing high above Rudno itself.

Picture of Wieliczka


A southerly Polish town located just 13 km / 8 miles from Krakow, Wieliczka was founded during the latter part of the 13th century, and with a rich heritage, contains many historic attractions. The Wieliczka Castle itself is a particular highlight, along with the Wieliczka Salt Mines, which is the oldest in the whole of Poland and contains more than 200 km / 124 miles of winding tunnels and corridors. Today, both the Wieliczka Castle and the Wieliczka Salt Mines are home to museums related to the town's salt-mining past.