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Szeged and the Salami Factory - by the river
The Pick Salami Factory - well, I didn't see that coming. I nearly didn't go, because I could really understand what all the fuss was about - a salami factory. But apparently Szeged has become very famous for its delicious Hungarian salamis and the factory was split into two small museums, with the other filled with information about Hungarian paprika. I liked the tasting bit best!
Posted on 31/1/2008 by Eric Yales

Szeged Cathedral and its lovely twin towers
This has got to be one of the most lovely cathedrals that I have ever laid my eyes on. It is on the Dom Ter and really quite different to most churches - very pretty, with twin red brick towers. It was finished in 1930 and is quite Art Noveau is style. Don't just look at the exterior though - go inside. You'll be surprised at what you find there.
Posted on 30/9/2007 by Clive Jones

Around the Klauzal Square
Everyone will recommend that you go to the old city and to the Klauzal Square. This area is now fully pedestrianised and cars were banned as recently as 2001. There were lots of cafes and shops.
Posted on 30/8/2007 by Jade Anderson

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