Szeged Tourist Attractions, Landmarks, Monuments and Sightseeing

(Szeged, Csongrad, Hungary)

Picture of the Votive ChurchMany of the most popular tourist attractions in Szeged are often dependent upon the season, while the main landmarks offer year-round sightseeing. Always popular in the summer months are the beaches and swimming pools across the River Tisza, within the New Szeged (Ujszeged) district, while other attractions close by include thermal baths and rowing boats.

Also at this time of the year it is often possible to check out a play at the city's Open-Air Theatre, or alternatively, the Szeged National Theatre (Szegedi Nemzeti Szinház) is always to hand and will usually have something of interest. Those looking for landmarks should not miss the New Synagogue (Uj Zsinagóga), the Town Hall and the many historical buildings and monuments around the Széchenyi Tér and the Dom Tér (Cathedral Square), although a day out at Szeged Zoo (Szegedi Vadaspark) is hard to beat.

Further photo of the Votive Church

Dom Tér / National Pantheon / Votive Church

Address: Dom Tér, Szeged, Hungary, HU
The Dom Tér (Cathedral Square) is located just a stone's throw from the Heroes' Gate and is where you will discover many of the most significant landmarks, monuments and attractions within the whole of Szeged, and is also where a series of celebrations take place, including the yearly summer festival. With more than 80 different statues and carved reliefs, the National Pantheon dominates the Dom Tér, while close by, the Romanesque-style Demetrius Tower is equally inspiring and can be found along the Dömötörtorony, which is the most historic of all the landmarks within Szeged and was once part of a 12th-century church. The neighbouring Votive Church is also worthy of a look and perhaps a photograph or two, with the twin towers of this mighty building adding great character to Szeged's skyline. Attractions of the Votive Church include a colossal organ with over 11,000 pipes, and a vast nave, filled with rather gaudy and elaborate decorations.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Thermal Baths

As with many prominent towns and cities within Hungary, Szeged contains a number of thermal baths. The most notable of these include the recently renovated Anna Fürd, which is situated within the city centre and features two main areas, with sections such as spas, thermal pools and also saunas. Considerably more historic is the Thermálfür, which is part of the main swimming pool centre around the Újszeged district. Other attractions on a similar vain include the thermal Soda Salt Lake, which is to be found around 10 km / 6 miles to the west of central Szeged and within the Sziksófürdo, which comes complete with waterfront promenade, swimming pool rowing boats and even a beach for naturists.
Open hours: daily - 06:00 to 20:00
Admission: charge

Picture of the Town Hall (Szechenyi Ter)

Széchenyi Tér / Town Hall

Address: Széchenyi Tér, Szeged, Hungary, HU
The Széchenyi Tér is the perfect place to begin sightseeing in Szeged and this public square is in fact so big, that it is more like a park. Many of the most notable tourist attractions in Szeged are to be found around Széchenyi Tér and include the Neo-baroque town hall, an especially elegant building graced with a tall tower and beautifully tiled roof. The town hall dominates the Széchenyi Tér, while close by are a number of statues of the kubikosok (navvies) and also of István Széchenyi and Lajos Tisza, all of whom were responsible for regulating and controlling the city's river. On the northern side of the Széchenyi Téris you will find the Gróf Palace and the recently revamped public baths, with the magnificent Reök Palace lying to the south and along the Tisza Lajos Körút.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Uj Zsinagóga (New Synagogue) / Ozsinagóga (Old Synagogue)

Address: Gutenberg Utca 13, Szeged, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 62 423 849
Many visitors agree that one of the most imposing of all the landmarks in Szeged is the New Synagogue (Uj Zsinagóga), which is famed for its Hungarian Art Nouveau appearance and located within the former Jewish quarter. Designed and built more than 100 years ago by Lipót Baumhorn, the New Synagogue is widely regarded as the most beautiful of all the country's Jewish buildings and synagogues. Stand outside and look upwards - you cannot fail but be impressed by the scale of the architecture, while inside, the many attractions scattered around the blue and gold decorated interior include an eye-catching cupola, which has been decorated with a mixture of flowers and stars. Close by, Szeged's Old Synagogue (Ozsinagóga) stands proudly along the Hajnóczy Utca and dates back to 1843.
Open hours: Sunday to Friday, April to September - 10:00 to 12:00; October to March - 10:00 to 14:00
Admission: charge, discounts for children

Szegedi Vadaspark (Szeged Zoo)

Address: Cserepes Sor 47, Szeged, Hungary, HU
Tel: +36 62 542 530
Families will always enjoy spending time at Szeged Zoo, which is known locally as the Szegedi Vadaspark. This zoo is actually quite historic, having been established in 1874 and located within an oak forest on the city's suburbs. Szeged Zoo covers around 32 acres / 13 hectares and is today home to almost 9,000 different animals, with around 700 actual species. Attractions include eagle owls, kangaroos, marmosets, tamarins, tapirs and wild boars. The zoo offers regular family weekends and even summer camps.
Open hours: daily, seasonal variations
Admission: charge, discounts for children and families