Szeged Restaurants and Dining

(Szeged, Csongrad, Hungary)

Picture of dining options surrounding a central squareHungarian food is generally tasty and simple, and locals in Szeged enjoy eating bread, soups and an astonishing quantity of meat. This tends to be reflected within many of the restaurants around Szeged, although if Hungarian dining is not really your thing, then a number of other choices present themselves.

Fast-food pizza restaurants are extremely popular with tourists looking for a cheap meal, while the local supermarkets are also a good place to find an array of international food. Most Hungarian restaurants in Szeged offer a good quality meal, with extremely generous portions, which will be sure to fill you up and leave little room for anything else.

What to Eat

There are a number of local specialities served at Szeged's restaurants, such as the much-loved 'Szegedi halászlé', which is a flavoursome fish stew. Tasty, locally produced salamis and sausages also often feature prominently on the menus of many eateries around the city, as do soups (leves) and meat stews (pörkölt).

Where to Eat

There are a number of good bakeries spread around central Szeged, selling a range of Hungarian pastries and freshly baked cookies, should you need a quick snack. For something a little most substantial, check out the restaurants around the Oskolta Utca, the Roosevelt Tér and the Széchenyi Tér. Fine dining with a view is at its best in Szeged on the Felso Tisza, where a number of restaurants are perched on the pretty banks of the River Tisza itself.