Szeged Hotels and Accommodation

(Szeged, Csongrad, Hungary)

Aerial picture of the Tisza RiverWhilst there are plenty of small hotels, guesthouses and pensions all over Szeged, few actually stand out from the crowd. Much of the most popular accommodation in Szeged resides on the north-westerly side of the city and close to the bus station, while further hotels and lodging options can be found directly west of the railway station.

If you are struggling to find available accommodation in Szeged, then the Tourinform office on the Széchenyi Tér will be able to help and this is also a good place to head if you are looking for private rooms.

Photo of the Klauzal Square

Where to Stay

Many of the cheaper hotels and guesthouses in Szeged lie just outside of the city centre, being especially clustered around the railway station and usually not too far away from Dóm Square. If your budget is really tight and cannot be stretched, then the Sziksós Camping Site may be worth considering and can be found within the suburb of Sziksósfürdo, and features small bungalows and pleasant scenery.

Some of the best mid-range hotels in Szeged line the Wesselényi Utca and the Széchenyi Tér. Located on the Szent-Györgyi Albert Utca, the Forrás Hotel is one to look out for and offers spa accommodation, with a range of thermal treatments. If you prefer to stay in luxury, the Novotel Szeged on the Maros Utca comes highly recommended and features views across the River Tisza.