Attractions Nearby Szeged, Day Trips and Excursions

(Szeged, Csongrad, Hungary)

Picture of the city of BudapestThe Hungarian capital of Budapest and its endless attractions may be 170 km / 105 miles from Szeged, but Budapest can actually be reached in just over two hours and being so nearby, this city is really not to be missed. Also close by and with a population approaching 70,000 people, the city of Békéscsaba is filled with interesting attractions and can be found around 95 km / 59 miles to the north-east of Szeged, being ideal for day trips.

Many further attractions lie within reach of Szeged, such as those within the town of Csongrad, known for its thermal spa, which is actually fed by a local spring. Don't overlook the charms and sights within Szarvas, which is also close to Békéscsaba. Therefore, many people choose to cram in visits to both of Szarvas and Békéscsaba in just one day.

Picture of the Fisherman Bastion in Budapest


Many of the attractions in Budapest are based along the banks of the River Danube, such as the Fisherman's Bastion and its seven towers, and also the rather splendid Hungarian Parliament Building. Some stretches of the medieval city wall remain standing, while Buda Castle, otherwise referred to as the Royal Palace, stands high above Budapest on Castle Hill and has become one of the city's most famous landmarks. Families will enjoy spending time at Budapest Zoo and also at Vidam Park, where fast roller coasters and fairground rides are to be found in abundance.

Photo of the Szarvas skyline


Some 88 km / 55 miles from Szeged, the attractions of Szarvas lie directly north and with a journey time of just over an hour and a quarter, are simple to reach. When in Szarvas, you must not miss the town's arboretum, which is regarded as the best in Hungary by far and contains more than 30,000 different tree specimens, not native to this part of the country and the Great Plain itself. The Szarvas Arboretum covers around 82 hectares / 202 acres and features some enormous Spanish pine trees and countless rare species, being a blaze of colour during the Hungarian autumn.

Aerial view of Békéscsaba


Capital of the actual Békés county, Békéscsaba is an especially lively town, filled with tree-lined avenues and countless church spires. Békéscsaba has become known for its spicy 'csabai' sausage and beautiful town hall, which presides over the main street. Other attractions include the Mihály Munkácsy Museum, where its displays are devoted to the Hungarian flora and fauna found on the Great Plain, together with the area's folk culture.


A small and charming town characterised by its plentiful historic architecture, Csongrad is to be found roughly 36 km / 22 miles north of Szeged and stands on the right-hand side of the River Tisza. Just to the south of Csongrad, the backwater known as the Holt'Tisza is used for a number of recreational attractions and activities during the summer months. Also look our for the town's acclaimed László Tari Museum, the Baroque-style Church of our Lady, the cobbled alleyways around the Castle District, and the Village Museum.