Liverpool Restaurants and Dining

(Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK)

Liverpool Restaurants and DiningLiverpool's restaurant and dining scene has developed over recent years into one of the best places to eat in this area of England. Home to numerous world-class eateries, together with trendy wine bars, homely pubs and cheap takeaways, Liverpool city boasts a huge number of eateries, many of which lie within its very heart. The tremendous ethnic diversity throughout the Merseyside area has produced an impressive variety of dining options, offering reasonably priced cuisine from all over the world.

Famous for its excellent Chinese restaurants, the Chinatown area, around Berry Street, is one of the oldest Chinese communities in Europe. There are many popular Chinese eateries in Liverpool and a number of these have spectacular views across the city centre and the River Mersey. Other popular areas for dining include Lark Lane, Penny Lane, Blundell Street, Hoylake area, St. Helens, Hope Street, Heswell, Slate Street and Concert Square.

The largest concentration of restaurants is available in central Liverpool, where a number of impressive entertainment developments incorporate specific dining areas. Fashionable Albert Dock is full of lively restaurants and wine bars, with superb views of the waterfronts.

Liverpool has some of the best cafés, coffee shops, bistros and pubs in north-west England. Many tourists find it hard to resist the historic public houses, which combine traditional hearty English fare with modern influences. Restaurants are usually good value for money and many offer discounts for both children, senior citizens and 'early birds'.

Liverpool Restaurants and Dining


If you plan to eat breakfast outside of your hotel, then Liverpool offers provide a good choice. Local coffee shops are always a safe bet for a light breakfast and include many popular brands, such as Starbucks. Most coffee shops in the city open early in the morning, at around 07:30, serving coffee, hot chocolate, teas and an assortment of pastries. Some central bars and hotels serve full-English breakfasts in their dining areas, as well as other more continental choices.


Lunch in Liverpool is one of the most popular meals of the day and is usually taken between 11:30 to 14:30. Many restaurants also offer 'eat as much as you want' lunchtime specials at fixed prices. Also, a number of street-cafés in the city centre have seating areas on the wide pavements outside.

Liverpool Restaurants and Dining

Fast-food Outlets

Liverpool offers a number of fast-food restaurants and outlets, providing an enormous variety of takeaway food. These include McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, fish and chip shops, Chinese and Indian takeaways, Kebab shops and a number of smaller, local shops. For a quick and inexpensive lunch, you can always pay a visit to a sandwich bar or bakery.