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Walking around Alice
Walking around Alice Springs is a great way to sightsee, although it is worth planning your route properly, so that you don't miss anything good out. Alternatively, join a guided tour. The desert and bushland is wonderful and stretches for miles, making you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. I also drove to the Wallace Rockholes, which I'd recommend.
Posted on 31/1/2008 by Christine

Alice Springs - an Austrlian Oasis
I loved my time in Alice Springs and it felt like a real taste of Australia. Very scenic and like it had just jumped out of a postcard. The Todd Mall in the downtown area has recently been tarted up and was a good place to shop and eat. It was all extremely clean and the town obviously takes pride in its appearance and makes a great first impression. Watch out for the occasional desert storms though!
Posted on 9/9/2007 by Sue Trollope

Camel farm in Alice Springs? Yep, that's what I said!
This is really fun and something more Egyptian and Australian. We took a one-hour camel ride along the dried up riverbed on the Todd River at the end of the day. The temperatures were pleasant, the views great and the experience memorable. We passed lots of huge eucalyptus trees and enjoyed some rather excellent views across the MacDonnell Ranges, before enjoying a good meal - all part of the package.
Posted on 6/3/2007 by Gilly

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