Yokohama Hotels and Accommodation

(Yokohama, Kanto, Honshu, Japan)

Photo showing modern waterfront hotelsHotel rates in the city of Yokohama are notoriously high, although you will always find exceptions to this if you look hard enough. The best accommodation can be found around the modern Minato Mirai 21 development, such as the upmarket Pan Pacific Hotel on Queen's Square. This vibrant part of Yokohama is full of interest and is dominated by the Landmark Tower, currently Japan's tallest building.

Many hotels in Yokohama are business-orientated and offer good facilities accordingly, although tourists are always welcomed. Prices do drop during the winter months and if you book ahead, it is often possible to secure reasonably priced hotels prior to your arrival, with package deals usually being the best way to secure a good rate, especially during the week.

Picture of the Peace Hotel, by the Huangpu River

Where to Stay

Yokohama Station is a good place to begin your search for hotels and many stand is this part of the city, alongside high-rise office buildings and department stores. This is an important area of commerce and is home to the Porta Shopping Plaza and countless bank branches. Around 5 km / 3 miles to the north of central Yokohama, further hotels are sited around the Shin-Yokohama Station, together with the Yokohama Arena and a number of office blocks.

The waterfront district of Kannai is always worth considering when looking for somewhere to stay in the city and contains plenty of hotels and a number of important government offices, including Yokohama City Hall. The Yokohama Stadium is also situated in this district. Nearby the most popular hotels and self-catering accommodation options line the waterfront. These choices include many grand hotels, which stand close to the Yamashita Koen Park and boast outstanding views across Osanbashi Pier and Yokohama Bay itself.

Amongst the most popular accommodation in Yokohama, the Echigoya Ryokan lies in the very centre of the Motomachi shopping district and is within walking distance of the southern exit at Ishikawa-cho Station. Close to the JR Kannai Station you will find a number of options, with the Toyoko Inn Sutajium-mae Honkan hotel being a good choice and just a short walk from the stadium.