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(Jerusalem, Israel)

City viewAlthough it is possible to arrive by air in nearby Tel Aviv, there is no domestic airport in operation in Jerusalem due to security concerns. Visitors are therefore obliged to fly to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport and make the one-hour transfer to Jerusalem, using bus transport to travel into the city centre and reach their chosen destination.

Once in Jerusalem, it is relatively straightforward to travel around, by making good use of metered taxis and local bus transportation. Driving yourself in the city can be challenging due to the local aggressive driving habits, but roads outside the city present few problems for visitors. There are no train services in the city, although light rail transport is currently under construction.

Picture of the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) / Arriving by Air

Tel: Highway 1 East Tel Aviv, 70100, Israel
Tel: +972 39 755 555
Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv is the primary gateway to Israel, with Jerusalem's own domestic airport closed for security. At 9 miles / 15 km from the capital city of Tel Aviv, the well-facilitated Ben Gurion serves numerous flights to destinations across the globe. Transport services include train to the city (a 15-minute journey) from where onward bus services connect to Jerusalem (50 miles / 80 km away). Private and shared taxis are also available but the former are expensive.

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) Guide

Image of local road network

Car Rental

Cars can be rented in Jerusalem and are a convenient mode of transport for trips outside the city. Driving is more aggressive than in most European countries and the US, so you will likely need to drive a little more defensively in Israel. Driving in Jerusalem's Old City is not recommended as the roads are busy, narrow and difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the city. Elsewhere signage is good and petrol stations are widespread.

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City roads picture

Buses and Coaches

The city's bus service is comprehensive and connects with all parts of the city and other locations in Israel. The main bus station on Jaffa Road serves as the departure point for many services and is easy for tourists to navigate, with well-signed platforms. Buses do not travel during the Shabbat (weekly Jewish Sabbath), from Friday sunset to Saturday sundown.


There are no rail links to or within the city. However, a light rail network is under construction and due to open in 2009.

Photo of main road headed to the centre


Metered taxis are plentiful and can be hailed in the street anywhere in the city.

Tourists should always ensure that the taxi driver uses the meter rather than travelling for a fixed fee and risk being overcharged.