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(Jerusalem, Israel)

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Ramada Jerusalem Hotel pictureThere are literally thousands of guest rooms available within the many hotels of Jerusalem. In fact, there is more accommodation to be found within Jerusalem than in any other city in Israel.

However, despite the wealth of lodging to choose from, hotels in Jerusalem are rarely cheap and this can prove to be an expensive city in which to stay.

If you can only afford budget accommodation, then the Old City is the best place to begin your search, where dormitory beds are located.

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Where to Stay

Plenty of mid-range hotels are situated within the Old City area, being close to many historical sights, particularly within the Jewish Quarter.

Always very popular within the Old City is the Petra Hotel and Hostel by the Jaffa Gate, which is almost 200 years old and has provided accommodation for many famous visitors to Jerusalem over the years, including the much acclaimed American writer Mark Twain (1835 to 1910). Further hotels await nearby, on the Casa Nova Road, HaMalach Street, King David Street and St. Marks Road.

View from hotel terraceOn the western side of Jerusalem, accommodation is very much grouped around King David Street, where the luxury King David Hotel has stood since is was built in the early 1930s, being just a stone's throw from the Liberty Bell Park and the Montefiore Windmill.

Close by and on King George Street, the Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza Hotel overlooks Independence Park and much of the city, boasting no less than 300 guest rooms.