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Shabat at Sundown
I'm not Jewish, but I love anthropology, the study of religion etc. My boyfriend and I visited a lot of the historic religious sites, but non were quite as memorable as watching people prepare for Shabat. Everything closes down on Saturday so you have to be prepared ahead of time. Zion Square still had plenty going on, but if you don't know where to go it would be frustrating
Posted on 16/10/2011 by Emily Waters

Hire Someone to Help
Wow! The city was pretty hectic. It was especially difficult travelling with children and we just couldn't walk everywhere that we wanted to. We ended up hiring a mini-van for the day which cost about $150 with a driver to take us to some of the better sites all in one go. You can't do too much on one day in the city due to all the traffic.
Posted on 30/3/2011 by Natalie Francis

It is pretty hot in Israel so it was good that we splurged on a place with air-con. It certainly wasn't a blue water beach holiday, but the domes and temples made up for the lack of sea breeze. I had difficulties with all of the noise and traffic though and sometimes the people are indifferent in passing - I would say they can be helpful, but not outwardly friendly.
Posted on 14/12/2010 by Zack Newton

Dancing in the Street
There are plenty of things to do like The Wailing Wall and Mount of Olives. At night, we went to Zolli's Pub on Rivlin Street. There are other pubs here too, but this place had pipes and western beers. Late at night everyone from all the bars just party and dance in the streets. We went to this area almost every night.
Posted on 20/8/2010 by Chris Tolophar

Re. Think Before You Pay
That's so true. It is annoying to get the run around at tourist sites by deceitful people, but ultimately it is how they make a living. Opportunities are not the same here - try not to get caught up in it too much.
Posted on 25/7/2009 by Hilary Herbert

Think Before You pay
Bargain! It is part of the culture and unless you want to get ripped off everywhere you go just politely give our best offer. Obviously, if you can afford it, then pay what they're asking - they have less than you.
Posted on 08/7/2009 by Ivy Thompson