Jerusalem Shopping and Districts

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Central view showing tourists and gift shopsJerusalem's busy markets and endless shopping is a real highlight for many a visitor. Traditional baskets made from olive twigs have been an important part of the city's heritage for quite literally centuries, although today, many of the souvenir shops in Jerusalem do sell cheaper, imported bamboo basketry gifts.

The Ben Yehuda Mall area is a great place to come for a serious afternoon's shopping in Jerusalem, as is the Mea Shearim and the nearby Zion Square. Worth noting, when shopping in the majority of the city's shops, it is almost customary to expect a discount, and so if you practice your bargaining skills and remain both friendly and polite, you will be surprised what bargains may come your way.

Further image of central souvenir stores

Where to Shop

The crowded markets within the Jewish Quarter of Old City are always appealing to tourists. For the very best in local produce and fragrant spices, check out the Mahane Yehuda Market on Agripas Street, which is something of a labyrinth of stalls and conveniently located in the centre of Jerusalem.

If you prefer shopping at a modern department store, then Jerusalem currently just has the one on offer. This is the Hamashbir department store, which dominates much of King George Street and presides over a large plaza. The Hamashbir is spread over three floors and features its very own supermarket.