Jerusalem Restaurants and Dining

(Jerusalem, Israel)

Cafe photographJerusalem is home to dozens of different ethnicities, which provide for abundant culinary delights in the form of various restaurants. Food is affordable in the plentiful casual eateries and dining establishments across the city of Jerusalem, with many serving tasty falafels and popular mezze, while some upscale international options exist for those who want to splash out.

For authentic Israeli cooking in Jerusalem, head for an eatery that is full of local Arabic or Hebrew speaking residents. These restaurants tend to be the most colourful and enjoyable, with fine dining and an unmistakable atmosphere.

View of eatery tables set for dinner

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Food is available in the busy city of Jerusalem at all hours of the day. Typically restaurants open for lunch at 10:00 or 11:00, but you will find intimate coffee shops and bakeries that open much earlier.

Some eateries close in the afternoon from 15:00 to 18:30, before re-opening for dinner. Many eateries are closed on Fridays and Saturdays for Shabbat. Dining out in the evening is always popular and generally takes place between 18:00 and 22:00.

Picture of local restaurant

What to Eat

Falafels made from chickpeas, parsley and lemon juice, are an Israeli favourite and come served with fresh pita bread, sauce and salad. They are ideal for a quick bite or a full meal. Mezze are delicious snacks that like falafels can be eaten as appetisers or as a main meal.

Often included in a plate of mezze is hummus (a chickpea paste), spicy sausage, and 'tabbouleh' - a salad of bulgur, parsley, tomato, mint and spring onion. The delicious dessert known as 'ruggalah' is found across the city and is not to be missed by chocolate lovers.

Photo of eatery tables at dinnertime

Where to Eat

The Machaneh Yehuda and the Central Bus Station areas have great falafel vendors that offer affordable and casual eating. Hillel Street has American style fast food options, as well as a selection of authentic Israeli restaurants.

The Old City area of Jerusalem largely caters to tourists, but there are a few good finds here if you stray away from the main thoroughfares. West Jerusalem has some upscale dining options in among its five-star hotels and guesthouses.