Attractions Nearby Banten, Day Trips and Excursions

(Banten, West Java, Indonesia)

The adjacent islands of Java and Sumatra are known for their past volcanic activity and related attractions, many of which are close to Banten and the direct result of the Indo-Australian Plate movements. Banten (West Java) and South Sumatra are separated by the narrow Sunda Straits and regular boats and ferries connect the main attractions and places of interest.

Boat trips around the famed island of Krakatau are always extremely popular with tourists holidaying in West Java and wishing to get up close to the Krakatoa Volcano itself. From Banten, many day trips and short excursions present themselves, depending upon where you are based, with the neighbouring attractions of Bogor, Depok and Jakarta often being little more than a bus trip away.

Bogor (Kota Bogor)

The city of Bogor is to be found directly east of the Banten province and south of both Depok and Jakarta. Once the actual capital of Indonesia, Bogor contains a number of interesting sights and attractions, with the Presidential Palace (Istana Bogor) and adjoining Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor) and Orchid Garden (Rumah Anggrek) all being favoured by day trippers. Also popular are the riverside walking trails, some of which offer breathtaking views of Mount Salak.


Depok is a large Indonesian city, close to the easterly border of Banten and so close to Jakarta that it is almost a suburb of the capital. The University of Indonesia has long been a leading attraction in Depok, since its grounds are just so incredibly tranquil. if you are visiting Depok on either a Wednesday or a Sunday, then do consider heading to the Babakan Lake (Setu Babakan) and watching the displays of traditional folk music and dancing.


Jakarta really is where it all happens in Indonesia and is the proud capital of the country, being the largest and most important city on Java, and the 12th-biggest city in existence. A mere 20 km / 12 miles to the east of Banten's city of Tangerang, day excursions to Jakarta are quite possible, depending upon whereabouts you have chosen to base yourself. The attractions in Jakarta are world-class and just keep on coming, with highlights including the epic National Monument, the stylish Istiqlal Mosque, the ancient Vihara Dharma Bhakti Temple, and both the Jakarta History Museum and the Balai Seni Rupa (Fine Arts Museum). If you are visiting Jakarta with children, then the Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol) theme park should be at the top of your list of places to go, as well as a trip to Ragunan Zoo to see its enormous Komodo dragons.

Gunung Krakatau (Krakatoa Volcano)

One of the most famous volcanoes on the planet, the iconic peak of Krakatoa is quite legendary, following its dramatic eruption in 1883 and subsequent movie appearances. Krakatoa is located just off the coast of West Java and remains quite active, with minor eruptions in 1994 and 2008. Boat trips to the island of Krakatau (Rakata) are always in demand, although there is a 'no go' zone of some 3 km / 2 miles around the island.

South Sumatra

The southerly tip of the island of Sumatra lies just a relatively short distance to the north-west of Banten, being connected by regular ferries. Especially noteworthy and close is Bandar Lampung, which literally translates as the floating harbour and is the provincial capital. Most people travelling from Java to South Sumatra will arrive at Bandar Lampung, with regular flights being available between the domestic Radin Inten II Airport and Jakarta. Attractions available around Bandar Lampung are not overly notable and include the Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre. Also in the South Sumatra region are the popular destinations of Bengkunat, Pesisir Selatan, Pulau Panggung, Ulubelu and Wonosobo.