Banten Restaurants and Dining

(Banten, West Java, Indonesia)

Wherever you are staying in the province of Banten, you can be sure that some good Indonesian restaurants are never far from hand. Dining out is an important part of West Java culture and Indonesian eateries are especially plentiful around Anyer, Carita, Merak and Serang, amongst other locations.

Those based in Anyer will find trendy waterfront dining around the marina, while in Carita, traditional outdoor Indonesian eateries (warungs) and restaurants (makans) are to be found lining both the main thoroughfare and the actual beachfront.

What to Eat

The Indonesian fare on offer at restaurants within Banten is typically tasty and simple. Common ingredients gracing main favourite dishes include coconut, lemon grass, chilli, cumin and coriander. When dining out in Banten, seafood regularly appears on menus and is a popular choice with holiday makers, along with satay / sate (skewered meat) and sticky rice. Meals are quite informal and fingers are often used in place of any cutlery.

The cuisine of Wet Java is quite distinct and includes elements of the Betawi inhabitants, who formerly occupied the Jakarta region. Restaurants around Banten often serve traditional Betawi and Indonesian dishes, such as 'gado gado' (vegetable salad dressed in peanut sauce), 'ketoprak' (noodles, tofu and bean sprouts), 'soto betawi' (creamy beef broth) and 'karedok' (long bean salad with cucumber and spicy sauce).