Banten Shopping and Districts

(Banten, West Java, Indonesia)

Covering a large chunck of Western Java, the shopping scene on Banten is more than adequate for most tourists looking for a decent Indonesian souvenir.

The choice of arts and crafts is quite impressive, as are the very affordable prices. Street vendors selling cheap souvenirs tend to hang around the streets in the most touristy parts of Banten, while in the main towns and resorts, you will find an eclectic selection of wood carvings, colourful woven fabrics ('batik' and 'ikat'), which are dyed after first being painted with either wax or rice paste.

Where to Shop

Silk cloth is another popular souvenir regularly found for sale in Banten and features silver or gold threads, which have been carefully woven into the silk. This exquisite silk creation is known in Indonesia as 'songket' and is certainly worth looking out for.

A number of good shopping malls are to be found within the main tourist destinations of Banten, such as Cilegon, Serang and Tangerang. Even when you are simply shopping for everyday items in Indonesia, do consider bargaining in a friendly manner, particularly when prices are not displayed. Start by asking the price, and then make your first offer and subsequent counter offers, until you both agree on an acceptable price.