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Re. This is It!
Mate, not going to slate your choice but Kuta can get a bit too packed with us Aussies sometimes - especially around Christmas! There are heaps of other choices though - Seminyak, Legian, Cangu, Jimbaran - take your pick!
Posted on 1/3/2012 by Brent Collier

This is It!
Ok, so you old-timers or hardcore travellers are probably going to have a go at me but I don't care! I love Kuta Beach and although I accept that it is rather commercial now, it is still THE place to be in Bali with the best shopping, restaurants, and bars around when you're done sunbathing or surfing.
Posted on 21/2/2012 by S Morrissey

Under the Sea
I thought that renting a motorbike was a little bit risky and the pile-ups around Kuta meant that hiring a car was also a no-no too. The Bali Marine Walk was fine with me though and I was blown away by the jungle under the sea.
Posted on 26/12/2010 by P Butcher

Re. So Much Colour
I think that's maybe because those 2-12 years old get a 50 percent discount? The adult rate is Rp.82,500 - which is still quite cheap!
Posted on 28/7/2009 by Nic Goreng

So Much Colour
Such tropical parts of the world as Bali are famous for their wildlife and the Bali Bird Park was a great day out for us. Not too sure about prices and whatnot though as it seemed to be one rule for one and one rule for another.
Posted on 24/7/2009 by D Stringfellow