Bali Museums

(Bali, Indonesia)

Bali Museum photo (Provincial State Museum)Bali contains a number of very impressive museums, which are especially plentiful around both Denpasar and Ubud. Within the city of Denpasar, the Bali Museum is something of a gem and houses many traditional Indonesian treasures and artefacts, including ceremonial costumes and religious relics from the past.

Also in Denpasar is the Museum Semarajaya, which has become known throughout Bali for its archaeological objects and traditional furniture. Close by is the Museum Rudana, which is conveniently located on the road that actually leads into Denpasar.

Different picture of the Bali Museum (Provincial State Museum)

Bali Museum (Provincial State Museum)

Address: Jalan Letkol Wisnu, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, ID
Tel: +62 0361 22 2680
This fabulous building was unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake in 1917, but was rebuilt some 15 years later in a new style, mixing palace architecture with the Balinese temple look. Items on display in the Bali Museum go right back to prehistory and there are also weavings, woodcarvings and various paintings exhibited.
Open hours: Tuesday to Friday - 08:00 to 14:45, Saturday 08:00 to 15:45
Admission: charge

Museum Rudana

Address: 44 Jalan Cok Rai Pudak, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, ID
Tel: +62 0361 97 5779
Established in the mid-1990s, the Museum Rudana is home to an interesting collection of local antiquities, along with a selection of art works. Particularly interesting are the historical Balinese calendars, which are more than 160 years old and well preserved. An adjacent cafe is on hand should you require refreshments.
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 17:00, Sunday - 12:00 to 17:00
Admission: charge

Museum Semarajaya

Address: Jalan Maya Wisnu, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, ID
Tel: +62 0361 75 5424
The Museum Semarajaya resides on the southerly side of Bali and within the island's capital city of Denpasar, on the easterly side of the Puputan Square. Originally built in the early part of the 20th century by the Dutch, the museum was destroyed soon after when Mount Batur erupted, being rebuilt in the 1920s. Visitors will find a selection of weaponry, along with a number of pottery exhibits, furnishings and an array of historical relics.
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 09:00 to 16:00
Admission: charge