Shanghai Hotels and Accommodation

(Shanghai, China)

Central viewShanghai is not usually a cheap place to stay and favours those looking for hotels at the top-end of the scale. The city of Shanghai contains some of the most expensive property values in the whole of China and as a result of development, much of Shanghai's cheapest accommodation has vanished.

If you are lucky enough to find budget accommodation in Shanghai, it is essential to book it well ahead of arrival, particularly during the summer season and around public holidays. Rooms in Shanghai's cheapest hotels are usually quick to be snapped up and can become rather hard to come by.

Photo of the city centre

Where to Stay

The best hotels in Shanghai can be found around the Bund area, the historic heart of the city, which connects to the Nanjing Donglu, one of the busiest shopping streets in the whole of China. Further central hotels are scattered close to Renmin Square, and along Huai Hai Road, Nan Jing Road and Yanan Road, and to the north, in the spangly district of Nanjing Xilu, where rather elegant accommodation options stand side-by-side shops, restaurants, bars and offices.

Mid-range hotels in Shanghai are only slightly cheaper than the best five-star accommodation, which is often competitively priced with large seasonal discounts. Hotels in Shanghai can generally be categorised as either the historic hotels in the Old Shanghai district, or the more upbeat and modern high-rise hotels, which dominate many parts of the city and offer a particularly modern feel.

Picture of central squareAmongst the best budget accommodation in Shanghai, the Pujiang Hotel along the Huangpu Lu is known for its spacious rooms and good facilities, also going by the name of the Astor House Hotel. Located in the Bund area, the Pujiang is also close to the Nanjing Hotel on the Shanxi Nanlu and also the Jinjiang Hotel, both of which offer excellent value for money, and are situated nearby the Nanjing Donglu.

At the top-end of Shanghai's accommodation market are a number of familiar hotel chains, such as the centrally located Sofitel Hyland Hotel, the Ramada Plaza and the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel. All of these hotels offer an extremely high standard of accommodation and modern amenities, although this certainly comes at a price. Particularly appealing is the Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel, which stands within the breathtaking Jimao Tower and is famous for being the highest hotel in the world (above ground level).