Shenyang Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Shenyang, Liaoning, China)

Picture of the Imperial PalaceWhen the founders of the Qing Dynasty centred their realm around the city of Shenyang in 1625, exciting things started to happen here and some of today's top tourist attractions were born. Foremost was the creation of the Imperial Palace of Shenyang, modelled after Beijing's Forbidden Palace, although slightly less impressive.

The city of Shenyang also boasts a plethora of pagodas, temples, tombs, cultural sites, museums, nature parks and other exceptional attractions. If you can get past the looming industrial presence, which dominates the skyline and the general mood of Shenyang, you will find a surprisingly diverse and interesting Chinese world hidden in the cracks. The top tourist attractions can be found below.

Photo of temple at the Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Address: 171 Shenyang Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110013, China, CN
Tel: +86 024 2484 4192
The Shenyang Imperial Palace is a particularly famous attraction and generally based upon its much larger predecessor in Beijing, the Forbidden Palace. One difference however is in the intricate Tibetan and Mongolian architectural features, which were favoured by the Qing Dynasty. Although many of the palace's exhibitions are poorly maintained, the complex itself is quite impressive.
Open hours: daily - 08:30 to 17:15
Admission: charge

Guaipo (Strange Slope)

Address: Guaipo, Shenyang, China, CN
Amongst the world's strangest phenomena and Shenyang's most unusual attractions is this bizarre sloping stretch of road, where objects move up rather than down the hill, with their own momentum. Riding a bike offers the best sensation, as you will quickly coast to the top, but then you will strain hard to ride down the hill. Can you believe it?
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge

Image showing the Benxi Water Cave National Park

Benxi Water Cave National Park

Address: Benxi, Liaoning, Shenyang, China, CN
Tel: +86 041 4284 5715
Shenyang's Benxi Water Cave National Park is often called a wonder of the world. This unique flooded cave allows visitors to simultaneously indulge in both boating and caving. Bizarre rock formations, like something out of a Dr. Seuss story, fill the enormous cavern, which is so large that its entrance contains an underground wharf capable of holding up to 40 boats. A guide accompanies each boat into the underground attractions of this incredible world.
Open hours: daily - 08:00 to 17:00
Admission: charge

Local Customs Village

Address: Holiday Inn Centre Shenyang, 204 Nanjing North Street, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, CN
To experience the cultural diversity of the nine ethnic minorities who call northeast China home, visit this 45-acre / 18-hectare folklore village, which is full of appealing attractions and can be found just outside of Shenyang. Every day, demonstrations are held to show visitors the interesting talents and traditions of these indigenous groups.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Meteorite Mountain Park

Address: Meteorite Mountain Park, Shenyang, China, CN
If you have an interest in astronomical things, you may want to visit this Mecca of meteorites in southern Shenyang. Amongst the dozens of fallen heavenly bodies on display is the world's oldest known meteorite, weighing in at around two million tons and dating back over four billion years.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge

Mount Qipanshan Scenic Spot

Address: 17 km / 11 miles north-east of Shenyang, Liaoning, 110001, China, CN
Tel: +86 024 2271 0337
Just 20 minutes drive north-east of central Shenyang is this tranquil paradise, surrounded by mountains and dotted with lakes. The natural attractions at the Mount Qipanshan Scenic Spot include three main hills, which are criss-crossed by dozens of well-marked hiking trails, leading to view points and many scenic sites. Highlights include Xiuhu Lake, where visitors are able to swim, fish and sail on boats during the summer, and even ice skate in the winter months.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge

Zhongshan Square

Address: Zhongshan Road, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110003, China, CN
One of the main attractions in Shenyang's downtown district is this lively, bustling plaza, named after Sun Yat Sen. The most impressive site within Zhongshan Square is the towering statue of Chairman Mao, which is surrounded by a legion of soldiers, peasants and workers, each carrying a tool of the revolution. Even more interesting is the entertaining prospect of people-watching, as this is the main hangout for locals.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: no charge

Hunhe Amusement Park

Address: Northern side of the Hunhe River, Shenyang, Liaoning, 110001, China, CN
A great place for all the family, the Hunhe Amusement Park is full of fast rides and themed areas. Highlights include the rather unexpected Ice and Snow World, where it is possible to ice skate throughout the year, while for the grown-ups, a rifle range, golfing area and eateries complete the main attractions here.
Open hours: daily
Admission: charge