Shenyang Shopping and Districts

(Shenyang, Liaoning, China)

Photo of central shopsThose looking for a spot of retail therapy in Shenyang will find plenty to satisfy their cravings, with department stores, shopping centres, night-time markets and busy pedestrianised streets all being available.

The shopping scene in Shenyang is impressive and this is particularly the case around Taiyuan Jie and Zhong Jie, two important streets.

These stretches are both lined with oodles of shops to suit the needs of even the most hardened of shopper.

Picture of shops in the city centre

When to Shop and Opening Hours

As with the whole of China, shopping is a major pastime in Shenyang. Due to high demand at the end of the day, shops around the city usually stay open late, until around 21:00 or even 22:00 in many cases. However, some shops do choose to start their day earlier and close at 17:30 or thereabouts.

Where to Shop

The street of Taiyuan Jie has long been one of the main shopping districts in Shenyang and is fully pedestrianised. Located close to the southern train station, Taiyuan Jie offers an underground shopping area and also a busy night market, which always attracts crowds of eager shoppers, looking for a bargain or souvenir.

Image showing central shopping districtNearby and situated at 68 Zhonghua Lu, the Traders Shopping Centre may be fairly small in size, but is packed to the rafters with big names and famous brands, such as both Ferragamo and Dunhill. In close proximity, the Zhongxing Shenyang Commercial Building contains a popular department store.

Close to the grand Imperial Palace, the Zhong Jie is another prominent thoroughfare and pedestrianised shopping district in Shenyang. Known for its extensive selection of electrical shops and stylish architecture, Zhong Jie is also home to a number of bright and rather colourful neon lights.