Shenyang Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Shenyang, Liaoning, China)

The city of Shenyang is made up of six main districts, most of which offer a handful of interesting tourist attractions and dining options. The downtown area is the closest thing that Shenyang has to a tourist district, thanks to the multitude of decent hotels and the bustle of Zhongshan Square.

A couple of districts within Shenyang are primarily industrial, offering few incentives for visitors, although just a few miles north of the downtown area is Xinchengzi, a wonderland of nature parks and lakes. Although Shenyang has the overall look of a staid industrial area, there are a number of intriguing cultural oases scattered throughout the city that are worth exploring.

Photo of the Heping / Downtown district

Heping / Downtown District

Shenyang's downtown district is always bustling with people and activity, making it the city's main tourism hub. Attractions here include the vibrant Zhongshan Square with its towering statue of Mao, and the comprehensive Liaoning Provincial Museum, which is packed with local cultural treasures. Many of the most impressive hotels in Shenyang reside in this part of the city, along with dozens of good restaurants and the shopper's paradise of Taiyuan Street.

Dudong District

Located to the northeast of the buzzing downtown area of Shenyang, the Dudong district has little to offer visitors, except for both the Northern Pagoda and the 9.18 Museum. However, these two highlights have become prominent destinations in their own right and are well worth a look.

Huanggu District

Directly adjoining the downtown district, this northerly neighbourhood offers a quiet alternative to the noise and activity of Heping. Beiling Park and the North Tomb, two of Shenyang's premier tourist attractions, can be found in this area. Huanggu is also a good choice for lodging, with the expansive Liaoning Mansion Hotel and its 11 restaurants amongst the options.

View of the Imperial Palace in the Shenhe District

Shenhe District

This district is sited on the eastern edge of the downtown area and is home to Shenyang's most famous attraction, the Imperial Palace. Apart from this must-see highlight, the Shengjing Ancient Cultural Street offers one of the most interesting sites for strolling and shopping. Four-star hotels and plenty of excellent restaurants, often specialising in traditional Cantonese cuisine, are also never far away in this attractive part of the city.

Sujiatan District

Although there are virtually no amenities for tourists in this part of the city, the 'Southern Gate of Shenyang', as this district is known, is the centre of industry. Agriculture, forestry products and mining are major operations in Shenyang, and this is where most of it happens.

Xinchengzi District

This far-flung district, approximately 29 km / 18 miles north of the city, is home to the incredibly popular Mount Qipanshan Scenic Spot. Thanks to the speedy Shenha Expressway, it is a breeze travelling both to and from Xinchengzi from downtown Shenyang. The dozens of hiking trails, which cover the surrounding mountains, and both swimming and pleasure boats on lovely Xiuhu Lake, all combine to make this the number one destination for locals and tourists seeking a quick refuge from the urban sprawl.