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River Gambia National Park
I stayed in the National Park for two nights, and it was very enjoyable. The guide was friendly and informative, and I had a nice few days there. I particularly liked the boat trip which lasted most of the day. I had a good view of the wildlife from the boat, and saw monkeys and hippos feeding, which was the highlight of my trip.
Posted on 10/8/2015 by Peter Piper

Re: Mighty Africa
Yep, perfect hidden getaway to laze around on the beaches but also so much more to do if you are easily bored like me. I suggest the Kiang West National Park or River Gambia National Park.
Posted on 15/5/2011 by Quentin

Mighty Africa
The Gambia is often glanced over when thinking about Mighty Africa. It is so large and popular that other places take reign, but this is a shame because the Gambia is a pure Gem of a place. It is only 500km wide and long but boasts a magnificent shoreline which is perfect for beach goers.
Posted on 13/5/2011 by Petra Firsk

Kiang West National Park
Kiang West National Park is traditional African wildlife park. All your African favorites grace the park. No trip to Africa should be taken without visiting a national Park and this one in The Gambia is just lovely. When you have had enough, journey to one of the majestic beaches for more of the stunning African scenery.
Posted on 17/6/2011 by Yun Jao

Market Madness
Head to Banjul for colorful markets that grace the streets with vivid pizzazz amongst the old faded colonial buildings. Feast on traditional African dishes. From here you can also journey to the Senegalese border.
Posted on 22/4/2011 by Dave

Gorgeous Georgetown
If in The Gambia, do not miss a trip to Georgetown. This decaying colonial admin center makes for a great day trip. To locate it take to the northern edge of McCarthy Island. It is about 300km from Banjul.
Posted on 27/4/2011 by Sam