The Gambia Hotels and Accommodation

(The Gambia, GM, Western Africa)

Photo of hotel and pool in BijiloThe hotel scene in The Gambia is constantly changing, with the list of accommodation on offer becoming more and more extensive. The variety of hotels and lodging options available makes this a great holiday destination. As well as hotel rooms, visitors to The Gambia can choose to stay in one of the many guest houses, lodges or campsites.

Most visitor accommodation in The Gambia tends to be located in the resorts, which proliferate along the country's coastline and beaches, often boasting impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Picture showing hotel pool

Where to Stay

The capital city of Banjul has relatively limited accommodation. One of the best known upmarket hotels there is the Corinthia Atlantic Hotel, which is located to the north of the city centre.

With easy transport between Banjul and the nearby coastal resorts, most visitors tend to stay in hotels and guest houses in Kololi, Fajara, Kotu and Serekunda. Staying in one of The Gambia's beach resorts has several advantages. Firstly, visitors will find that there is more choice of hotels there than elsewhere in The Gambia. Secondly, during the summer months, temperatures tend to be a little more comfortable than inland. Of all the resorts, the Kololi Beach area is the one that has the most 'Mediterranean' feel.

Image of hotel swimming pool at outside barFacilities do vary, with some hotels offering nightclubs, restaurants and shops. If a sea view is particularly important, then you should expect to pay a little more.

Likewise, if you want to stay just a short walk from the beach. On the whole, hotels in this area tend to offer good value accommodation.

Aside from hotels, there are some guest houses and self-catering holiday apartments. Facilities here can include everything from a kettle to a fully fitted kitchen.

Photograph taken at the Sunbeach Hotel and Resort at BakauFor budget travellers, The Gambia has a small selection of hostel accommodation. These hostels are situated in both Kololi and in Banjul. Some comprise a complex of African-style houses around a central reception and bar area, whilst others provide more traditional rooms in apartments.

Campsites within The Gambia offer basic facilities for those who want to stay close to nature. If you are planning to pitch tent outside of a campsite, then it is important to ask for permission at the nearest village. It also pays to keep a weather eye open for local wildlife.