El Paso Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(El Paso, Texas - TX, USA)

Bursting with history, El Paso features an intriguing mixture of cultures, traditions and historic districts. El Paso stands as one of the largest towns on the US / Mexican border, close to Mexico's vibrant city of Juarez.

Hispanic, Indian and American influences have created a unique ambiance that can be experienced firsthand through El Paso's rich architectural, cultural and natural attractions.

Downtown District

Downtown El Paso consists of the blocks surrounding San Jacinto Plaza. Charming streets are lined with old historic buildings, interspersed with modern specialty stores, restaurants, galleries and various kinds of accommodation. The downtown district is the vibrant hub of El Paso's shopping, dining and entertainment venues, and there are numerous attractions to suit all tastes. Nearby, the mighty Rio Grande River winds its way past the town, separating it from the Mexican city of Juarez, which is connected to El Paso by a number of bridges.


Located opposite El Paso across the Rio Grande, Juarez is Mexico's fourth largest city. Famous for its shopping, the city has a traditional Mexican market, as well as more modern shopping malls. The nightlife also provides an interesting contrast to that of El Paso, with a distinctive Mexican ambiance. Those with an interest in the history of the city can tour the excellent Museo de Arte e Historia. Juarez is easily reached from El Paso via several bridges that span the Rio Grande.

San Jacinto Plaza District

Located right in the heart of El Paso, the timeless San Jacinto Plaza is the epicenter of the town's cultural influence. The historic plaza is host to many of El Paso's festivals and events, and the many restaurants and cafés fronting the square create a relaxing haven in which to escape the daytime heat or the night time crowds. At the center of San Jacinto Plaza is an interesting statue of alligators which, though hard to believe, once roamed ancient swamps that existed where the town of El Paso now stands.

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

On the outskirts of El Paso, the Native American village of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in Texas and a treasure trove of Tigua Indian culture, traditions and arts and crafts. Dating from 1681 and having survived oppression by the Spanish, Mexicans and Americans, the village is proud of its wonderful heritage. Just a short journey from central El Paso, highlights at Ysleta del Sur Pueblo include the mission church, museum, handicrafts shops, tasty Indian bread and traditional Tigua Indian dancing.